Forever Young
"Our lives may not always be storm-free and risk-free, but we received so much more in Christ. We received the assurance that despite heavy winds and violent storms, we will be protected, unshaken, and secure because Christ’s love surrounds us. We are living in a fortress that won’t be brought down. Its foundation is Jesus’ great grace."
- Pam Carbungco, It may not be easy, but we are secure (via godsradicaldaughter)

(Source: godsradicaldaughter, via teatimewithjesus)

"You want to change the world? Then you need to start loving God in such a way that your entire world changes. That is the beauty of transformational love; it doesn’t just affect you, it affects all those around you."
- T.B. LaBerge (via jesussavesxoxo)

(via teatimewithjesus)