Forever Young
Hii!! My name is Shelby and I'm fifteen and I love you(: I tag superbasexd.
I'm a really devoted Christian and love Jesus Christ with all my heart. He's lifted me from the darkest places and drowned me in His love. I'm far from perfect, but He's helping me live for Him. Ask me :)

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Wow. What comfort it is to worship and be loved by a God who is always, always faithful.  Even in times when we want to run away from him, or when we choose to sin, He remains faithful because that is part of his immutable nature! Thank you Jesus 🙌
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A mature and zealous Christian is someone who waits patiently on the Lord, trusts restfully in the Lord, and hopes expectantly in Him. - Dave Dealy, Reality San Francisco (via yesdarlingido)



i actually feed on intelligence

i love it when people know a lot about a lot of things

about music, films, religion, beliefs, history

i love listening to peoples opinions 

i love big words

i want to suck in all these smart things like a sponge


You are With Me
If you have read the Bible from the Old Testament to the New, you will find throughout people being rescued by God even in the most desperate of times. It should naturally lead us to understanding a bit about the nature of God and in this case it is that He never fails to protect us from moments and situations that would potentially bring us harm. 
When we are with Christ and have Him leading us in our lives, no darkness has the ability to touch our lives. God loves us dearly and we are His children. He protects us and guides us to a place where we can find refuge and comfort in Him.
Are you in times where you find yourself scared and afraid.Be strong and take heart in knowing that God is always with you and that He will never ever let you down.
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“The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace and remain at rest” (Exodus 14:14, AMP)